Virtual Environment for Vehicle Dynamics & ADAS/AD

Simulation Software


rFpro provides an engineering-grade simulation environment for the automotive and motorsport industries. It significantly accelerates development, testing and validation of vehicles, vehicle sub-systems, ADAS and autonomous systems. It reduces the cost and time of vehicle development and enables manufacturers to more confidently bring quality products to market more quickly.

The simulated world is a digital copy of real-world environments including race tracks, proving grounds, public roads and city centres. It is faithfully recreated using road surface models accurate up to 1mm, each object is replicated with physically defined materials and extremely detailed graphics at high frame rates. This results in a highly immersive environment for both humans and vehicle sensors.

rFpro provides the user with complete control of the environment, including the ego vehicle, human and AI controlled traffic, pedestrians, other dynamic objects and weather. Its easy-to-use tools enable scenes and scenarios to be created and edited quickly. Hundreds of thousands of test scenario variations can be created and run overnight, significantly scaling vehicle test and development. rFpro is one of the most open simulation platforms available, enabling the user to integrate a vast array of third party plug-in providers to best meet your specific engineering needs. It also supports a wide range of use-cases, from simple workstations, to multi-screen dynamic simulators and Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) and Software-in-the-loop (SIL) systems.