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Electronics Product Collection

ANSYS Electronics solutions provide industry-standard simulators for the design of antennas, RF, microwave, PCB, packages, ICs, or electrical-mechanical devices. They also assist in addressing electromagnetic, thermal, SI (Signal Integrity), PI (Power Integrity), parasitic, cabling, filter, and vibration issues during the design phase. Through ANSYS simulations, successful designs of airplanes, cars, mobile phones, laptops, wireless chargers, and other systems can be achieved.

Product Introduction

Design of high-frequency, high-speed electronic components by simulating 3D electromagnetic fields. Finite Element Method (FEM), Integral Equation (IE), and Hybrid solvers address RF, microwave, IC, PCB, and EMI issues.

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Maxwell solves the electric field that varies in static, frequency domain, and over time. Maxwell is an EM field low-frequency solver for electrical machinery, transformers, actuators, and other electrical machine devices.

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Solution for the power supply system and high-speed channels of electronic devices. These are specialized tools for power integrity, signal integrity, and EMI analysis for IC packages and PCBs.

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C package, PCB, electronic assembly/enclosure, and power electronic device currents, temperature, and heat transfer are predicted. Icepak is a CFD solver for electronic thermal management.

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Motor -CAD

A design engineer can evaluate motor topology for performance, efficiency, and size optimization across the entire torque-speed operating range. Motor-CAD is a template-based design tool for fast multi-physics analysis of electric motors.

Nuhertz Fileter Solutions

Filter Solutions provides automated design, synthesis, and optimization of RF, microwave, and digital filters in an efficient and straightforward process. It automatically configures filter analysis and optimization in the Ansys HFSS electromagnetic simulator.

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EMA3D Cable

Design-validation workflow that includes support for (EMI)/(EMC) certification. EMA3D Cable is a platform-level electromagnetic cable modeling and simulation tool.

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Q3D Extractor

Calculation of parasitic parameters such as frequency-dependent resistance, inductance, capacitance, and conductance (RLCG) for electronic products. I also perform simulations and design for electronic packaging and power electronic devices.

EMA3D Charge

The focus is on charging and discharging phenomena. This helps users simulate electrical arcs in air, on surfaces, and internally, as well as particle movement and dielectric breakdown, to assess and manage the risks associated with excessive charge accumulation in the system.

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