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Ansys Discovery

Ansys Discovery is user-friendly design software that offers immediate physical simulation capabilities within a single environment. It also seamlessly interacts with other CAD tools and boasts excellent compatibility with Ansys analysis products, making it a highly reliable software. 

Key Features
Structural & Modal Analysis

The near-instant simulation results that appear during the Ansys Discovery simulation process encourage interactive testing of design ideas.

Thermal-Fluid Analysis

Real-time modeling and data within  your 3D model via Ansys Discovery delivers temperature distribution data as you charge models, tweak input characteristics or switch hot materials

Modal Analysis

The speed of Ansys Discovery extends throughout the software, including instant feedback on complex modal analyses.

Fluid Analysis

Embrace the speed of live physics in Discovery to understand fluid behavior, then analyze with the embedded Fluent solver for increased fidelity and confidence.

Geometry Modeling

At every step along the Ansys Discovery workflow , access the ability to create and edit geometry, a key piece of the design exploration process

Parameter Studies

Optimize your product by running parameter studies to evaluate options simultaneously and explore the trade-offs of various designs

Topology Optimization

A first-ever interactive topology Optimization tool form in Ansys Discovery uncovered design solutions without making you wait, a solution that’s about more than just speed.

Simulate thermal management scenarios and air handling devices w/ fast fluid-solid thermal simulation, compressible flow, and temp-dependent material properties

Extract beams and midsurfaces, wrap flex cabling, & model micro scale parts

Unlock early design insight even for faceted geometries with the support for STL and other triangle-based formats

Use named selections, script parameters, and history-tracking to created automated, connected workflows that accelerate productivity

Ansys Discovery

Ansys Discovery supports and accelerates simulations done with traditional analysis tools, making it convenient for users to make decisions based on more information in the early stages of product development. It is especially beneficial when you seek high precision or rapid design changes.

Using simulations early in the product development process allows for the advance understanding of product characteristics and the improvement of product quality. Engineers gain greater control over the refinement and validation stages of the design process through real-time physical simulations. By removing usability and speed barriers present in traditional simulation tools, Ansys Discovery enables all engineers to make decisions based on more detailed information, satisfying the demands for precision and fidelity using Ansys Flagship solver.

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ROI of the preliminary simulation
Discovery online value assessment

Please conduct a free profit assessment and discover the business value obtained by running Ansys Discovery in the early stages of the product design process.

Discovery provides substantial business profits, but its value needs to be communicated differently to various institutional organizations and large corporate clients. In contrast, in the mid-sized market and among small business customers, the levels and roles are often simplified and integrated into a few individuals who take on diverse responsibilities.

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