Virtual Environment for Vehicle Dynamics & ADAS/AD


rFpro enables motorsport teams to accelerate engineering development, improve testing efficiency and optimize set-up calibration.

rFpro's highly-accurate virtual world is used to develop both vehicle models and drivers. It is the world's most realistic, engineering-grade digital environment, featuring accurate track surface modelling, low system latency, realistic visual imagery, high frame rate and high dynamic range rendering. This maximizes driver immersion and correlation with the real vehicle.


rFpro can be used to accelerate multiple areas of vehicle development, including aerodynamics, chassis systems, steering systems, transmissions, powertrains and control system. It provides subjective and objective measures to quickly evaluate and analyze a development path. rFpro allows you to conduct more testing earlier in the engineering process, validating systems and components while the vehicle is still model-based. A high-resolution road surface model means your vehicle model is fed accurate road surface data to ensure correlation with physical vehicle testing on the race circuit.


rFpro's market-leading realism and immersion make it the perfect solution for driver training. Whether you need a driver to better understand set-up changes, simply improve lap times, learn complex steering-wheel controls or a new circuit, rFpro's highly accurate simulated environment can help.

rFpro's ReplayServer records every single test on your simulators, allowing you to compare drivers' laps side-by-side, synchronized by distance or time. Recorded laps, or data from off-line runs can be injected into the simulation as "ghost" cars, or as live traffic.


Most circuits change yearly - sometimes during a race weekend - with new kerbs, reprofiled corners, resurfaced tarmac, new grandstands or different barrier locations. An out of date circuit model is ineffective or unusable for vehicle and driver development. rFpro continually develops all of its models through its circuit maintenance service, ensuring customers are using up to date and accurate environments.

rFpro supports all the major racing series, including F1, NASCAR, WEC, IMSA, Formula E, Super GT, IndyCar and V8 Supercars. Our customers benefit from the large numbers of teams pooled together using the circuit maintenance service, making these updates cost-effective.

Customers also benefit from continually improved quality. Every year rFpro brings out new features that improve the rendering quality and visual appearance of the models. These new features are rolled into every new circuit update.