Virtual Environment for Vehicle Dynamics & ADAS/AD


rFpro is a simulation platform built around highly optimized, proprietary rendering engines that have been specifically developed for driving simulation. The highly performant rendering engines are built into rFpro alongside the hugely flexible engineering simulation and interfaces (see more in the Software Integration section), which offer our customers a unique product.

Our rendering capabilities are accompanied by the ability to utilize rFpro in both real-time and non-real time simulations. rFpro's key focus is on engineering accuracy and physical modelling rather that adding cinematic effects, making us the market leader in delivering professional driving simulation solutions.


We deliver the highest real-time graphical detail and quality for both human and machine vision using our rasterization rendering engine. This ensures total immersion for human and autonomous drivers and guarantees the lowest graphical latency. Delivering the highest frame rates whilst simultaneously creating the most detailed image outputs, means we are the first choice product for driver-in-the-loop simulators and hardware-in-the-loop sensor simulations.


Vehicle sensors see the world differently to the human eye and as a result require a different simulation solution. In order to create usable, engineering-grade training data for sensor systems a highly-detailed rendering solution is required. This is why rFpro developed its proprietary ray tracing engine. It is a multi-path technique that accurately simulates reflections around a sensor and the nuances of the real world and the way a sensor perceives it. This solution is particularly beneficial in low-light scenarios or environments where there are multiple light sources to accurately portray reflections and shadows. 


Not everything needs to happen in real-time – particularly if you want to create the highest fidelity synthetic training data. At the click of a button, rFpro transforms from the industry’s leading real-time simulation into a fully synchronous mode – perfect for the development of the most advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving functions. Every sensor in the simulation remains completely synchronised together in time, regardless of how fast each model part completes their execution. And it ensures perfectly aligned multi-sensor systems can generate full datasets for every step of the simulation run.

rFpro Syncho-Step mode also allows for the highest fidelity sensor models to be run. Unrestricted by the shackles of real-time execution, it enables the highest quality training and test data to be produced and accelerates the development of autonomous vehicles in the most time and cost-efficient way.