Virtual Environment for Vehicle Dynamics & ADAS/AD


rFpro not only aesthetically pleasing – it also interacts effectively and efficiently with a wide range of software. The world’s leading simulations needs the industry’s best components to integrate with each other and rFpro has embraced this ethos since 2007. We have a vast range of available interfaces and plugins to allow engineers to make their own choices and developments for key components in the driving simulation. With C++ APIs, our MATLAB/Simulink Toolbox, pre-made plugins for the most popular industry software and numerous other third party software and hardware integrations, rFpro always ensures the power to select the right tool for the job in the hands of our end users. And our technical integrator partners too, who can offer our customers turn-key solutions.


There are two types of rFpro users: those looking to hit the ground running with simulation tools which are ready to go and those who want to control the simulation to a deeper level of detail. We deliver options for both. If you are in need of quick and easy connection between IPG CarMaker or Mechanical Simulations CarSim then rFpro has plugins ready to connect you in just a few clicks. This begins with simple office or desktop configurations, progressing to connections in full real-time execution platforms. For those wishing to develop their own models and control login in MATLAB/Simulink – then please see below for more details on our hugely popular, well established comprehensive Matlab Toolbox.

Our C++ API also allows users to connect their own models into rFpro and run either as hosted plugins inside rFpro’s soft real-time environment or run to run remotely, often hosted on real time execution hardware.

There are also a large number of third party software integrations available with a built in connection to SIMPACK, Dymola and Modellica models (often via our integrator partner, Claytex) and also plugins available for vTag and PTWinSim (developed by our partners Podium Technologies). rFpro is also a VI-Certified partner for connections to VI-CarRealTime via their VI-DriveSim platform.

The advantage of the flexibility offered by rFpro ensures our OEM and Tier 1 customers have complete confidence in their investments as rFpro can be maximised internally by multiple teams and departments, even if they are using different solutions for their vehicle modelling.


Driving vehicles is not just about the connection between the vehicle and road beneath it – it is also about interacting with other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, animals and also the traffic controls (lights and signs). rFpro provides an extensive content library of these objects which are ready to use inside the simulations. However, something still has to control those objects and create the desired test scenario…

As with the main vehicle model, rFpro’s flexible APIs and plugin architecture allows for a wide range of traffic control options, empowering the user to select the appropriate system or model for their intended use case. rFpro connects to highly powerful solutions like SUMO, CarMaker, VTD and many more allowing for complex public road traffic scenarios to simulated inside the highly immersive rFpro digital world.

Alternatively, if you require a range of opponents to keep your motorsport drivers sharp during testing, then rFpro’s own AI driver model can add a large volume of user-selectable vehicle model types onto the track at the same time. This creates powerful simulations and immersion for multi-class 24 hour race preparations.


rFpro is a MATLAB Connections Partner. Our MATLAB/Simulink Toolbox is feature rich and ready to help you integrate the most complex vehicle models and control systems with rFpro. Your models can run as either remote models – running inside MATLAB itself or compiled and executed on real-time hardware – or can be compiled to run as hosted models inside rFpro. This isn’t restricted to vehicle and chassis level models; rFpro also provides blocksets to ensure sensor models can be built, compiled and run inside rFpro, with direct access to all of the rFpro SENSOR_IG features. 


It is no longer only us as humans that are in control of our vehicles. Now there is a wide range of sensor and control systems which provide Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) features as well as autonomous driving functions. This is why rFpro developed its SENSOR_IG system: to allow the new generation of advanced sensors, of all types, to also “see” into our highly detailed virtual worlds.
Sensors can be built up using our C++ APIs, MATLAB/Simulink toolbox or can be used directly as pre-built, by a number of advanced technical partners.