Virtual Environment for Vehicle Dynamics & ADAS/AD



Our simulation environment is used by the automotive and motorsport industries for the development and testing of autonomous vehicles, ADAS, vehicle dynamics and human factor studies. rFpro's automotive customers are the world's largest car manufacturers, tier one suppliers and sensor developers. We enable them to simulate, test and validate new sensors, control systems and vehicle hardware systems. The top 10 OEMs that were early adopters of rFpro technology have already launched road cars which started their development, not on a test track, but in a virtual environment using rFpro. We are also the market-leading provider of professional driver-in-the-loop simulator software for the motorsport industry, with our customers being champions in every leading motorsport category.

We work with our valued customers and enable them to;

  • Accelerate their vehicle development
  • Increase testing efficiency and safety
  • Interact with highly-accurate digital models of public roads and proving grounds

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